Christina Moreland is an award-winning illustrator, brand designer, and animator currently based in Los Angeles. Select clients include Sony Music, Dropbox, Coinbase, & REI Co-Op. 

ARKET: Artist Edition

Illustrations and cartoons created for ARKET’s Artist Edition series. With so much hardship in the world today, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by turmoil and negativity. We wanted to create a children’s collection that embraced simplicity and focused on illustrations and themes that felt uplifting, mindful, tender, and forthright.

Inspired by educational cartoons for kids and the “Daily Tips For a Better Quality of Life” series, these pieces explore the juxtaposition between playful cartoons and serious, emotional concepts and also serve as gentle reminders for us all. 

Read about the full collection here.

Credits ︎︎︎

Creative Direction: Christina Moreland, Lucia Garcia Rey
Illustration & Animation: Christina Moreland
Copywriting: Rocio Garrido Rus
Production Manager: Ann-Sofi Osvald
Production Company: ALANA
Photography: Hugo Aldatz


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