Christina Moreland is an award-winning illustrator, brand designer, and animator currently based in Los Angeles. Select clients include Sony Music, Dropbox, Coinbase, & REI Co-Op. 

Afro Gurl

Set sometime in the distant future, “Afro Gurl” is an animated web and comic series about a sensitive, Black, German, and queer self-proclaimed defender of justice.

Through humor and vulnerability, “Afro Gurl” is a comic and animated series that highlights some of the nuances, hardships, emotions, and triumphs of growing up brown, Black and gay. This story follows our main hero, Afro Gurl, and their puppy, Luke, as they serve justice and fight their way across the country searching for peace and refuge.

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Credits ︎︎︎

Creative Direction: Christina Moreland
Writing: Christina Moreland
Illustration & Animation: Christina Moreland
Logotype: Simon Walker


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