Christina Moreland is an award-winning illustrator, brand designer, and animator currently based in LA. Some select clients include Facebook, Sony Music, Dropbox, & REI Co-Op. 

︎︎︎ Photography by Karlo X. Ramos

Born in Kentucky, raised in southern Germany and later Dallas, Texas, Christina currently lives and creates in Los Angeles. They specialize in creative direction, illustration, brand development, graphic design, visual storytelling, painting, and traditional animation, utilizing both vintage-inspired and modern techniques in their work. Blending thoughtful and meticulous research with a playful curiosity, Christina creates expressive brand personas and illustration work that aims to challenge the status quo, through humor and an exploration of profound human connection.

Christina’s work promotes use of bright colors, whimsical shapes, and a handcrafted approach, producing work that exists comfortably between contemporary and nostalgic. Christina has partnered with some of the world’s biggest brands including Dropbox, Netflix, Amazon Prime, REI Co-Op, Sony Music, and Facebook. Their work has been awarded and featured in publications like Graphis, AAF Dallas, Logolounge, and DSVC. 

Please reach out via email for creative collaborations or to say hello. ︎

Services include creative direction, brand development, brand strategy, illustration, traditional and digital painting, graphic design, environmental design, packaging, digital content, web design, copywriting, storyboard, traditional animation, typography, and iconography.


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